Safety Management

Safety Management System

"Character in leadership is the most important balance for leadership. Without character, leaders have no safety.
Leadership has no protection without character."
Myles Munroe


Safety is the first priority in all our activities. We are committed to implementing, developing and improving strategies, management systems and processes to ensure that all our aviation activities uphold the highest level of safety performance and meet national and international standards.



At Eastindo Air, we believe in transparency and communication. Our risk management strategies are not only aligned with regulatory standards but go above and beyond to ensure a safe and secure travel experience. We actively encourage reporting and feedback, fostering a safety-conscious culture where every team member plays a vital role in identifying and mitigating potential risks.



Our Safety Assurance program is the backbone of our company, ensuring that every flight meets and exceeds the highest safety standards. At the forefront of this program is a proactive approach that goes beyond regulatory requirements, leveraging the latest advancements in aviation technology and the collective expertise of our highly trained personnel.



At Eastindo Air, safety is not just a requirement, it's a mindset that defines who we are. We encourage open communication and reporting, fostering an environment where every team member plays a crucial role in maintaining safe operations. Our safety promotion extends beyond compliance. It is a genuine dedication to the well-being of everyone who entrusts us with their journey.